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Ibis E-commerce iframe demo

Ibis E-commerce iframe implementation offers a seamless integration with your main website with simple HTML code.

<iframe class="ibis-iframe" src=""></iframe>

It is mobile responsive and the theme is fully customisable (charges may apply). It is flexible to fit any business model.

This demo website includes our shopping cart widget which resides within the parent website (your website) dynamically looking at the contents in the shopping cart in your Ibis E-commerce platform.

This demo also features the iFrame Resizer that Ibis E-commerce supports to dynamically adjust the iframe height so that the scroll bars are not shown around the iframe.

Ibis also supports full cross-domain iframe tracking using Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics, which is actively running on this demo right now. See our knowledgebase for full details.

The contents below are pulled from an Ibis E-commerce site using an iframe.