IBIS FIT v. or above is required for this widget. If you are unsure of the version your ecommerce/booking system is on, please contact our support team.

Please make sure to use our widget CSS and JS versions 2.1 or above. Please refer to the information in the Required Files tab below.

This widget uses Slick (kenwheeler.github.io/slick/) and TweenMax (greensock.com/tweenmax/) libraries. The default IBIS Widget JS already includes them in it. In case you already have these in your solution, or wish to have them in another method (self-host, CDN etc), please use the naked version of the IBIS Widget JS (https://resources.ibisnz.com/ibis/ibis-fit-widgets2.1.naked.min.js).

The Dual Calendar Widget allows you to show an availability calendar and departures for multiple days to your browsing customers, ahead of them reaching the hosted IBIS E-commerce transaction pages.

It features two types of calendars, the month view and the week view.

Below is the IBIS Dual Calendar Widget implementation example. Full article can be found here. ibishelp.freshdesk.com

IBIS Dual Calendar Widget

Below are the HTML, basic JavaScript function call used to produce the widgets above, all the available options for the function and a list of required files.

<div class="ibis-widget-dual-calendar"></div>