Below is the IBIS Calendar Widget implementation example. Full article can be found here.

IBIS Calendar Widget – Multiple Widgets on One Page

Please note: This requires our widget v.1.4 or above

Widget #1 (with no product specified = showing all products)

Widget #2 (showing availability on tomorrow for one specific product ‘Walk’)

Widget #3 (showing availability on today next week for a product group ‘ProdGroup-Transport’)

Below are the HTML, basic JavaScript function call used to produce the widgets above, all the available options for the function and a list of required files.

<h4>Widget #1</h4>
<div class="ibis-widget-calendar"></div>
<h4>Widget #2</h4>
<div class="ibis-widget-calendar2"></div>
<h4>Widget #3</h4>
<div class="ibis-widget-calendar3"></div>